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    Hi Dave,


    I've done this, however the size ofuse ofmy databasewas not significantly reduced. I cansee thatthe table"CustomPollerStatistics_Detail" his Data sizeis quite high, you know how I coulddeletethe old datain this table. thanks

    Are you saying it's only 5GB or you only have 5GB space?  I can't imagine a situation where you would only have 5GB available on disk. 


    If you only have 5GB total space... you really need to free some up.


    That said, you can do the steps Adatole mentioned to limit how much data SW is collecting each day.  You also could manually purge some of your historical data, but it's not something that I would recommend doing if you don't already know how.



    Yes Matt, mytotal spaceis 5GB, you couldguide measmanually purgesome data? Thank you.

    I honestly don't feel like it would be a good idea for me to do that on a forum like Thwack, too much chance to lose data.  I would open up a support case with SW and have them take a look for you.

    Hi Leon,


    Thanks for your help, the problem with mylimited capacity of thedatabase,is causedby the type oflicenseformySQL, not for lackofhardware.

    Some tables in SW have foreign keys so simply deleting from the table can be problematic.The statement to purge data from that table is very easy but as a newbie, I can't post it here. Lowering your retention settings is the best way to handle this issue because deleting from a given table can cause big issues. I can give you a hint:


    Look through the stored procedures in the database as SW uses them to do the purge work. Review the code to get a better understanding of the complete purge process.


    There are suggestions about shrinking a database and/or related files. I'm a DBA and I despise the fact that SW wants to shrink/grow things like log files. Do not do these things unless you know why you are doing it and HAVE to do it.

    You really shouldn't use SQL Express for something like this unless you understand the limitations and how to deal with them. I use the express (free) versions all the time for testing, temp dbs, data migration, automating data import/export tasks from one format or another to one format or another, but I never use them to actually store any permanent or even semi-permanent/expirable data.


    I'm going to agree with dba-one below as well. Shrinking is bad. Planning is good. And if I remember correctly, you can still keep your DB at 5GB as long as it has free space in it so you should definitely purge some data as opposed to shrinking.

    We had similar issues, with our database getting too big.  We tackled this in several ways...


    1. Change Data Retention settings within the SolarWinds/Orion UI. -- For example, reducing the Syslog retention to 14 days has helped a lot.
    2. Database Shrink -- This was mentioned by a fellow Thwack-er, and this helped but only after we had made changes to our retention settings.
    3. Truncating some tables (i.e. Wireless tables).  Below is an example of truncate commands I received from SW tech support:
      1. Truncate WL tables

        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_APS_DAILY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_APS_DETAIL]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_APS_HOURLY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS_DAILY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS_DETAIL]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS_HOURLY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_CONTROLLERS_DAILY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_CONTROLLERS_DETAIL]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_CONTROLLERS_HOURLY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_INTERFACES_DAILY]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_INTERFACES_DETAIL]
        truncate table [dbo].[NPM_NV_WL_INTERFACES_HOURLY]


    Of course, before truncating any tables... Please, (1) verify that you are truncating the correct table -- lest you end up wiping out tables critical to the application.  Also, (2) ensure that you have a good SQL backup of the SolarWinds database.  Anyway,I hope this helps in your aim to trim the size of your database.  Lastly, I would concur with my fellow Thwakers' words of caution when dealing with the SQL database.  If you are a newbie on SQL issues, it is best for you to contact SW tech support.  They will provide you with the guidance you need, and will significantly reduce chances of something going very badly.


    Best wishes.

    Hi everyone!!

    I Did It! It is enough tomodifythe numberofPollingsettingsDetaileddaysthatthe default is7 days, it is changedto 2daysand run themaintenance procedureformy database, and finish withthe procedure described byLeon(Adatole) andready. The used space ofmy databasechange4.5Gbto2.8GB ofspace used, this is my solutionuntil IchangemyversionofSQLandthisis unlimited. Thank you all.




    Polling Settings_07-06-2013 11-38-41 a.m..jpg

    Details_2_days_07-06-2013 11-38-16 a.m..jpgDetails_7_days_07-06-2013 11-44-22 a.m..jpg

    Nice work, and even better that you documented with pictures for future generations.